Second Life scripting info

I do scripting commissions for the game Second Life! Here’s a quick post with more information so I actually have somewhere to point people…

too long, don’t want to read?

I can make you scripts for heaps of different things. (There’s video examples.)

I have a crazy fast turnaround time. (As low as 2 hours!)

You pay nothing up front; I get a profit share from your product. (1% to 15%, depending)

If you don’t plan to sell commercially, the cost will be different; just ask!

You can reach me in-world at Lucky Starlight. Let’s chat about what you want!

what i do + examples

I do all sorts of scripting! Texture HUDs are the easiest but I can also script animations, particles and other cool systems.

My texture HUDs work FAST and are really efficient. This is an example video of how quickly textures and hide/show states are applied, featuring the Spooky Ears by MARZ.

Many of the texture HUD kits available on the marketplace will require you to put multiple scripts in your object or in your HUD itself. Even if I’m also applying materials, I need only ONE receiver script in the object and ONE in the HUD, both using very light memory usage. Making lots of variations of a product, with different linked parts? No problem — as long as I can pop something in the description of any linked parts, the same receiver script will work on all of them. Example featuring the Cactus Friend by SLUDGE:

Texture animation for the Dungeons & Dungeons set by RUF & GHOSTED:

(This dice is also scripted to randomly select a number from 1-20 and do sounds/particles on a roll of 1 or 20! Plus, tinting the numbers changes the color of the particles that come out.)

Animation, particles (and sounds, though you can’t hear them here) all linked to a gesture for the RUF & GHOSTED Dilo:

Finally, a Beanie Baby style ear tag by TERATO that I scripted to let the owner click it to set features like name, birthdate and a custom poem, and lets other people click it to look inside:

The sky is the limit! Even if I haven’t mentioned something here, please feel free to get in touch to ask.

time frames / turnaround time

I work crazy fast (especially if what you’re asking for is something I’ve done before, like the above examples).

You can call on me for those scary last minute scripting jobs: It usually takes me around two hours to do texture HUDs, basic animation controllers and more, and I’m more than happy to help out at the 11th hour for events like Abnormality ๐Ÿ™‚

I do have a peculiar time zone (NZST) that you should be aware of. If you want to have lots of back-and-forth iteration and feedback, make sure to set aside the time for that to happen! I always like to send example videos like the ones above to get your thoughts on them, and I don’t mind making revisions if I’ve sent something your way and it doesn’t work the way you wanted it to.

Coding is a silly business and there may be bugs that I don’t catch and YOU do. In a perfect situation, get your scripts from me at least a day or two before you really need to release them, and give copies of your item to your friends to test out! Of course, I don’t charge anything extra to fix any bugs, even if it’s after release and needs to be patched in ๐Ÿ™‚

If you ask me to do something brand new, just give me your deadline and I will tell you if I think it’s reasonable. I love to experiment!

prices + terms of service

I STRONGLY prefer to operate on a profit sharing basis. This means that you don’t pay me anything up front, but when you sell an object using one of my scripts, you give me a small percentage of the revenue.

This percentage is up for negotiation! For emerging/new creators who can’t spare much and easy jobs, I’ve gone as low as a 1% profit share just for the sake of being involved. For more involved scripting work and established brands I usually receive from 5% to 15%. I’ll help you set this up on the Marketplace or Caspervend if you aren’t sure how.

I’ll give you your scripts full-perm, so you’re free to edit them and add features onto them yourself. As long as we had a chill time working together (and you keep that profit share percentage on your products) I’m happy to offer support and bugfixes basically indefinitely.

If you want the scripts to be edited heavily for a new product or new features, I might ask for more $$$, depending on our original terms.

I also really appreciate getting a copy of whatever I scripted for you, if you’re comfortable with that — freebies are awesome!

how to contact me + what i need from you

The best way to reach me is in-world! My username is Lucky Starlight, and I have it set so that any IMs I receive offline are emailed to me. If you prefer to chat somewhere else like Discord, just IM me your info and I’ll be in touch!

If you know exactly what features you want and how you want everything to work, that’s awesome. If you don’t know yet, we can chat our way through it.

I’ll almost always require a copy of your item to script for it, as well as any textures you might want applied to it. If the item requires quite complex scripting or has a lot of linked parts or variations, it would be awesome to receive it full perm so that I can set it all up and send it back to you — or I can include instructions with your script!

If you want me to put together your HUD, include a background texture and I can hook up all the buttons. I’ll often have to name buttons according to the script or put things in their description, so being able to hand it back to you is easiest.