i needed a blog

i usually post things on my Mastodon, which fills the Twitter-esque void quite nicely in a post-Twitter (for me it’s been dead a long time) world! but what about those things which are slightly longer form, or suit a less ephemeral format? well, there’s always Tumblr, but the way interactions work on that site is not really what i want anymore (and it’s only slightly less ephemeral).

thankfully, the wonders of WordPress mean posts on my personal site can have tags, archives and what-have-you, and i don’t have to muck around too much.

i spent a few hours looking at Hugo, Astro and similar static site generators before i realized i was overthinking it. i just needed a blog! so then i spent many more hours making a WordPress blog not look so much like WordPress… I ended up settling on the Disco theme and dulling it down quite a bit.

will i use it? probably not much… but now i know where to put those things that are just a bit too long for Mastodon!