mog and babka

the internet is for sharing photos of cats! Here are my cats!

A tortoiseshell cat and a black cat sitting side by side on a ratty old recliner.

The black cat on the right is Mog. She was eight years old when we adopted her from Cats Protection League and she already knew exactly how to be a cat. She walks on a lead and harness like a small, disobedient dog.

The tortie on the left is Babka. She was a stray and a mother when she was trapped by Feral Nation and eventually ended up with us. She was only a year or two old but she had all her teeth removed due to the horrors of being a feral. She has no idea (and still eats regular dry cat food as well as wet food packets).

They’re both very spoiled and are indoor-only, for the sake of keeping the native bird population (and them!) more safe. They’re also some of the neediest cats I’ve ever owned.